Our Dine & wine
Chenduran Park is getting more popular day by day, because of our Multi-Cuisine Restaurant and 3D Bar. We are offering an entirely different atmosphere to make you more pleasant and stress free. We carry on quality to set the individuality.
The Multi-Cuisine Restaurant for all the people is common. You can feel the clean and neat restaurant with unique menu card. We assured for the tasty and delicious dishes to make your visits more memorable.

First time in Dindigul, we introduce the 3D Retro Bar to feel the new experience. The bigger projection with DJ setup makes your arrival more pleasant and stress free. We are ready to make you more surprised with our unique complementary dishes and discounts on occasions.

Our restaurant and bar service makes your stay more comfortable. We are offering our restaurant and bar services at your rooms to keep your privacy. We guaranteed for the best services in the most economical price.